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Introducing Patient Portal!

La Loma Internal Medicine and Pediatrics is embarking on an exciting new wave of patient care.  Welcome to Patient Portal, a web based program that will allow patients to receive and send information regarding their personal care via a secure website.   Whenever information is sent to your portal record, a generic message is sent to your email indicating the need to check your personal record.

What does Patient Portal offer?

 Labs will be posted to your personal Patient Portal record with any notes from your doctor. 

                This means that labs are posted the DAY THEY ARE REVIEWED BY THE DOCTOR!  You will no longer have to wait for your results in the mail!


Messages from the practice or Doctor can be sent to your Patient Portal record.

                No more waiting for a phone call, your answer to questions can be a mouse click away!


Requests for appointments can be made online!  You may view the date and time of your upcoming appointments.
                No more waiting on hold to make an appointment!


Requests for prescription refills can be made online!

                No more waiting for the practice to open, the request can be made at anytime!

If you are new to our practice, please click on the link for new patient registration.  If you are a current La Loma patient, please contact our office to get a user name and password.